I am an artist and poet. I love creating artworks with mixed media, generally using acrylics, watercolour, pens, pastels and sometimes collage. Predominately nature inspires me and also dreamlike patterns. It's important to me that art is a form of play, an expression of joy and a way to visually shift mood into higher states of consciousness.

Poetically, I write about being a Creator, states of consciousness, love, peace and the power within all of us. My poems are messages and reminders from my inner wisdom that my thoughts and beliefs are powerful. It always amazes and fascinates me when these poems 'come through' usually after meditation.

I hold an Honours Degree in Art and Design from Bradford School of Art and a Masters in Computing for Design from Straffordshire University.

You can email me here if you're interested in any artworks, prints, gifts or collaborations.


If we knew our power we’d never complain
We would see the messages in all the pain
The many frustrations and gloomy sadness
Caused by the mind’s merry-go-round madness

But if we stop and listen for a long while
Instead of adding more to the madness pile
We hear a tune of freedom that’s so immense
A tune playing by our hearts in this present tense.

- Victoria Walkden

Victoria Walkden Artist and Poet