Welcome. I am a British artist and poet. 

‘Calling all the dreamers’, a poem about your dreams - view on YouTube 

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My latest paintings, prints and poems get posted regularly on my Instagram @victoria_artist_poet

Please message me on Instagram or email for work and info victoriawalkden1@gmail.com 

My book of poems called, ‘I love and I forgive’ is available on Amazon. These short poems are about the power of love and forgiveness to help release old wounds and start afresh in life. 
‘This book and these poems help me on a daily basis to remember who I really am and to put my life in perspective. I’m sure it could help others too in this way.’ - Victoria Walkden 
Poems to help you live your best life
I am also passionate about nature, wildlife and art. I paint wildlife in colourful and playful ways selling them as prints as well as on organic clothing. Part of this passion is to help wildlife thrive. As I learn more about the harmful effects of industrialisation and agricultural chemical run-off onto wildlife and communities, I aim to share my knowledge, support organic farming and help create a cleaner planet. 
Organic clothing by Victoria Walkden