I love and I forgive is available in paperback on Amazon. It's full of light-hearted poems about loving and forgiving (mostly yourself), so that you FREE yourself to live your best life!

a poem by Victoria Walkden

I will wait a thousand years for you 
To come up here and see this view 

From here I see you, all pure and light
Your need has gone and so has your fight 

I see how beautiful and talented you are
Playful and loving - the divine avatar 

This view of you has always been
Ready and waiting for you to be seen 

From this balcony there are no wrongs
Only harmonies and beautiful songs 

I have longed for you to receive this gift
For you to consent to this shift 

This vista has been your one true mission
All I needed was your permission.

- Victoria Walkden

YOUR TREASURE a poem by Victoria Walkden

From the denseness of the thicket
Is your treasure, your lottery ticket
It may not be what your mind expects
But will have far reaching universal effects

And from this deepest, darkest place
Comes the most rewarding challenge you will face
The challenge of listening to your heart
Remembering the connection of which you are a part

So, just like the blue bird that relentlessly sings
Never questioning who it is or what it brings
It just keeps singing its own unique song
Knowing that this has been enough all along

The blue bird continues to sing with focus
Detached from wanting just like the lotus
And in this space of pure flow and sound
It dances with loving waves all around.

- Poem by Victoria Walkden

GOOD FORTUNE IS PRE SENT a poem by Victoria Walkden

A loving wave will always reclaim

Healing love and cleansing shame
Upon our shores it ebbs and flows
Across the cosmos it sure grows

Yes it's possible, yes it's a dream
It's here right now as far as I can glean
The pleasure and ecstasy is for one and all
And even more members are hearing this call

Good fortune and joy unfolds in this way
And every member is invited to pray
That this good fortune is now pre sent
And all we need is to give our consent.

- Victoria Walkden