I’m a British Artist and Poet.

This life is such a journey and sometimes a huge challenge. How better to express it than through art and poetry? I'm fascinated by the human condition, the vast array of feelings and sensory information. I think if I couldn't express it all through my art and writing, I'd go truly mad! Nevertheless, I am very grateful to be able to play with my senses, my mind, my heart, my soul and all that I have to create my own unique expressions.

I love abstract art, playing with colour, texture and form to evoke feelings, trigger beautiful memories and lift the spirit. I share my poetry and art (mostly) via my Instagram profile.

I studied art at Bradford Art School gaining an honours degree 2:1 and also a distinction MA from Staffordshire University.


I listened and my soul took me there
To the waters where I was stripped bare
Exposed with no protection in sight
I had to face my truth and the light

The bravest thing I ever achieved
Was facing lies and what I perceive
And by those waters I came back home
To humbly sit upon my old throne.

- Victoria Walkden

Victoria Walkden artist